The Catholic Arsonist

About Us

About Us

One preacher-man pastor, one new-kid-on-the-block associate, one fun n' flirty married woman, and one single-as-a-pringle conflicted woman walk into a dilapidated house with microphones...

Conceived out of a conviction for the New Evangelization and a dream to set our parish on fire, the idea of this podcast began with the simple hope for a new medium by which we could reach our flock (something a little snazzier than the weekly bulletin, perhaps). It did not take long for that idea to morph into a more magnanimous desire: something that engages people who are setting the Church on fire today - something that addresses not merely the activities of our parish, but that which is capable of burning the hearts of any parishioner anywhere: the person of Jesus Christ and his mission on Earth. Thus, after a conversation over Margaritas at 11am on a Thursday morning, The Catholic Arsonist was born.

Whether discoursing with a modern day arsonist or searching for a flame amongst ourselves, our hope is that some of the words spoken through this platform might spark something in you to go deeper - to allow yourself the privilege of transformation - to set the world ablaze in the way you alone have been created to do so. We'd love for you to join us around the fire as we question, laugh, yearn and discover. And may anyone who listens in understand the sincere love we have for one another, for our city, and for the Church. Now, let us go forth without fear in pursuit of that perfection to which God is calling us!

Sts. Clare of Assisi and Catherine of Siena, pray for us.
Anyone bonkers enough to listen to this, also pray for us.